The Journey Within: An Interview with Spiritual Leader Jil Zeletzki

Jil Zeletzki could be labeled as a blogger, model, writer, a content creator, a so-called “social media influencer”, yogini, vegan foodie, and spiritual seeker…

But what do those boxes even mean? Truth is: She is a multidimensional being having a human experience. She’s the universe expressing itself as Jil, who is currently 24 years old and living nearby Hamburg, Germany.

What does your yoga practice look like?

I don’t have a fixed routine, but I love to incorporate some yoga into my morning and nighttime routines along with mediation, breath work, and journaling. That could be anything from a full flow or some sun salutations to a gentle yin yoga practice or just some stretches and the extended child’s pose that we all sometimes need.

At yoga retreats and workshops, I got to know different styles of yoga and kind of fuse them together to create my own practice. I enjoy vinyasa flows just as much as kundalini yoga, but also love practicing hatha yoga and going deep into certain asanas. Some of my favorites are definitely backbends, inversions and anything that helps release tension in my hips.

Lately, I started to try out some new yoga studios in my city, so I usually have one or two 60-90min classes per week, and I plan to attend another yoga retreat this year to deepen my practice.

I also like the concept of taking yoga off the mat – it truly is so much more than the physical practice. So, following the principle of ahimsa, practicing mindfulness as well as checking in with my body and consciously breathing regularly are all part of my personal yoga. To me it’s about connecting and embodying all aspects of ourselves, creating union within and exploring our edges with love and compassion. The mat can be a wonderful mirror but when we can make that presence and acceptance our constant companions it unlocks the real magic.

What are your favorite tools to use during meditation?

I love cleansing and setting the space with some palo santo or sage, I light some candles and often use an incense stick or essential oils. In my meditation area, I have a beautiful collection of

crystals, my singing bowl, and a tuning fork. I often hold a certain crystal in my hand or place them somewhere on my body during meditation. Another tool I frequently use is oracle cards.

For the actual practice, I let my intuition guide me – I love just sitting in silence, observing my breath and connecting to the life energy that is flowing through our bodies. But on some days, I feel guided to chant a mantra with one of my malas or do a visualization. Writing affirmations or a gratitude list is another favorite. At night I love listening to guided meditations or certain frequency sounds and binaural beats.

Recently I found myself meditating several times per day, for example when I am out in the forest or just after getting out of the sauna and taking an ice-cold shower. Even when I have to wait somewhere when standing in a crowded subway or while interacting with someone. It’s really all about reconnecting to our life energy, our inner guidance.

I love my little sacred space and the high vibrations all these items have but you don’t need any tools to meditate! All you need to do is shift your focus inwards to create a state of aware presence and complete beingness.

How did you start your journey to spirituality?

I always loved pondering deep questions about life, existence, love,… exploring truth and challenging perspectives and concepts. My religion class in school was actually fertile ground for that. We had an awesome teacher that although being Christian also taught us a lot about Buddhism and other traditions. It was also him that I had my first ever meditation practice with.

But apart from his classes, there was not much room for spirituality in my life. I really found my way back to it when I became vegan and started my journey of self-discovery and healing in 2014. Changing my diet actually played a big role in this for several reasons. One being the impact of making a positive choice FOR myself after years of internalizing adversity and harming myself. Later I realized what a huge portal this was, an opening to self-love and awakening.

Another reason this decision has sparked my spiritual journey is the fact that fruits and vegetables, which became the center of my diet, have a much higher vibration than dairy, meat and other animal products that actually carry the frequency of suffering and death. Thereby this lifestyle choice, that in the beginning was motivated by health problems I was facing, really impacted my vibrational state and thereby my consciousness.

Also, educating myself about the food industry got me questioning other aspects of social conditioning. I started to peel back more and more layers and went deep down the rabbit hole.

I then explored spiritual teachings and practices and experienced many beautiful awakenings. Oftentimes preceded by dark periods and even rock bottom moments. I believe that facing your shadow aspects and processing trauma is necessary to actually become unified and fully embody all aspects of yourself.

What does spirituality mean to you?

Spirituality to me means waking up to the truth of what we are. It’s realizing that there is so much more than this three-dimensional time-space reality that we are able to perceive with the human senses. It’s remembering that we are immortal spiritual beings having a temporary human experience here on earth.

I love how science and spirituality actually merge. Everything is made up of energy. So all of the energy that currently manifests as the physical form Jil is indivisible from the whole energy that exists. Just like a wave is indivisible from the ocean. We all are extensions of what we call God / Source / Universe. Integrating these divine truths to me means exploring your soul to align to your truest essence and become your most authentic expression.

Do you have any daily/weekly spiritual rituals?

On top of my morning practice and nighttime routines, I love doing rituals and ceremonies in accordance with the moon cycle for setting intentions and manifesting. Every new or full moon is in a certain zodiac sign so there are certain aspects that are highlighted at these times. Another beautiful time for rituals is the change of seasons, for example, the spring equinox. I like taking these themes to reflect on certain areas of my life and creating my own little ceremonies with candles, oracle cards, writing letters, certain shamanic practices, plant medicine like cacao or even dance.

What’s your vision for future Jil?

It’s quite simple: fully living out the mission my soul incarnated with and being of service during the shift in consciousness that we are experiencing as a collective on this planet. I aim to create content that offers guidance and inspiration, to use my experiences and abilities in the best way possible to help others on their way out of confusion and into alignment and acceptance.

I don’t have a 10-year master plan in my mind because I trust that life will unfold in its own beautiful way when we move out of the mind and into the heart. I believe in the power of presence and surrender. However, I can definitely see myself living in a warm place nearby the ocean, growing a family grounded in love and trust, having a beautiful lush garden, writing and creating from the heart every day…

Do you have any tips on spirituality for our Yoga Junkies?

I think my number one tip for spiritual growth and expansion is doing shadow work which basically means becoming conscious of the aspects within ourselves that we have suppressed, rejected or denied. The more aware you are of your shadow and bring attention and love to these parts of yourself, the more embodied you are as a conscious being and to me, this is the absolute key to freedom.

Exploring and owning all aspects of who you are is unlocking your life force energy/kundalini so it can move through you and guide you.

Find the areas in your life where you hold resistance and do the inner work to release any blocks / inner walls. Hold space for yourself at all stages of this journey and become comfortable in the discomfort. Shine light into even the darkest corners of your being so you can merge back with your soul and fully integrate your truth into this reality.

And we need you to be all of who you are. You have a unique role to play here. If you begin to free yourself and embody your unique blueprint, it will affect the world around you. When you are reading this right now, then you are a lightworker, a way shower. You are here to help raise the consciousness on earth. It’s our mission to anchor our light into this planet. Thank you for showing up!! Never forget that you are loved and accepted unconditionally. The universe embraces you at all times.

Join Jil and travel together with her on this spiritual journey. You can find here using the following channels:

Instagram: @jiliciousjourney


Youtube: Jilicious Journey


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