Smudge Herbs : 9 Alternatives to White Sage

Smudging is the go-to method when clearing a new home of negative energy, revitalizing your vibes, or prepping a space before yoga. Its pungent smell is the definition of–a clean start. When you say the words smudge stick, most people think of the string tied bundle of White Sage coming from California. And It is the most commonly used smudging herb, but… there are actually several different types of smudging herbs that you can use as an alternative to white sage. Here is a short list of 9 herbs to use when creating your next batch of smudge sticks.

Lavender is used to promote peace and enjoy a restful sleep–the ideal tool to fight depression, anxiety, and insomnia. Add lavender to your smudge for a light and refreshing scent.

Desert Sage
This light brown plant has thin, branched leaves and is used for cleansing, inner strength, and provoking positive thoughts. It has a slight peppery smell similar to mint.

Blue Sage
Blue sage is a resilient bush found in the American Southwest.
Its scent is not as strong as white sage, making it perfect for those who are overcome by the potent smell of white sage.

The smell of cedar is fresh, crisp, and woodsy. It’s one of the oldest types of trees on earth and is known for its vigorous cleansing abilities–similar to white sage or rosemary.

Yerba Santa
Yerba Santa is used to bring psychic powers, honor fallen ancestors, and brings healing and security to the user. This „Holy Herb“ has a sweet smell and can only be found in the dry hills California and Northern Mexico.

Black sage
Black sage is used for inner healing, as well as promoting deep sleep and pleasant dreams when used before bedtime. It’s also a great protector when used during astral travel.

Mugwort can be used to cleanse energy and remove negativity. It’s said to also have a dream stimulating effect, which is why it is great to use before bed.

Juniper is another ancient plant with a sweet, but spicy scent that is comparable to the smell of a Christmas tree and adorned with little blue berries. It’s used in smudging to bring protection and prosperity.

Growing wild in the American Great Plains, Sweetgrass has a fresh cut hay and vanilla scent and is often braided before drying.


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